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Web Analytics

Overview of web analytics tools that work with Algomo.

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Custom events
Widget analytics capabilites let you track how your visitors interact with the chat widget.


We track the following chat widget events:
Event name
Event specific parameters
Message sent (Algomo Widget)
When a user sends a message in the Algomo widget.
Conversation started (Algomo Widget)
When a user starts a conversation in the Algomo widget.
Contact details submitted (Algomo Widget)
When a user submits their contact details in the Algomo widget. This event might get triggered multiple times by a single user, e.g. when they update their details
Link clicked (Algomo Widget)
When a user clicks a link in the Algomo widget, either in a message or message sources.
Widget opened (Algomo Widget)
When a user opens the widget. Source can be “trigger” or “pop-up”.
All events also have the following parameters: widgetIduserNameuserEmailuserPhoneuserCompanyNameuserBrowseruserMainLanguageuserLanguagesuserPlatformuserTimeZone. Some of them might be empty.

Custom events

Tracking custom events is not supported currently. If you'd like to track custom events, please get in touch via email or chat with us directly through the widget in the bottom corner.
Last updated on Feb 7, 2024

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