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Shopify Products Tool

Enhance your Shopify store with our integrated tool that merges search, recommendations, and comparison engines for a seamless smart shopping assistant experience.


Identify your desired product with ease. Just inquire with the chatbot, and it will assist in locating the right product, offering detailed insights.

Filters and Sorting

Discover and narrow down product options using filters. Default filters include price range and availability, with the option to add custom filters for a refined search experience. Users can also sort results by price.


You can enquire about product details included in descriptions and metadata, including custom metafields. This provides unique value to your customers, as they can arrive at a decision faster.

For 1-3 products, the chatbot can provide a side-by-side comparison of the main characteristics of the items using all the product data available, including description and metafields.

For a large number of products, the chatbot can provide a summary of the main characteristics of all the returned items.


Not sure which product suits your needs? Our chatbot can suggest products based on your requirements, utilizing the data from your store.


See Installation.


Custom filters

Chatbots using this tool have access to filters set up in your Shopify store. By default, they include price range and availability.

To provide better search experience, you can add custom filters through the official Shopify Search & Discovery app.

Adding filters

  1. If not already done, install the Search & Discovery app. Follow the same steps as for the Algomo app (see Install Algomo app in your Shopify Store).
  2. Navigate to your Shopify admin panel, click "Apps" in the left sidebar, and select "Search & Discovery" from the dropdown.

Shopify apps

  1. Once in the app, navigate to "Filters" in the left sidebar.

Search & Discovery app

  1. Click "Add filter", select filter source and set a label. You can select which filter values will be available, as well as combine them into groups.

Search & Discovery filters

Search & Discovery add filter

  1. Click "Save".

Now, your chatbot will be able to use these filters and will display them in the search results:

Widget with custom filters

Custom filters

You might want to expose custom filters to your customers, for example dimensions or color. You can do this by creating metafields and enabling them as filters via Search & Discovery app. See Custom metadata section below for more information.

Custom metadata

Chatbots using this tool have access to product metafields and can use them to provide detailed information about products and compare products side by side.

Providing custom metadata for the chatbot to use is as simple as adding metafields to your products in Shopify. For example, you can add a "back in stock date" metafield to your products, which will enable your chatbot to provide this information to your customers.

Refer to this guide on how to add metafields to your products: Shopify Help Center: Metafields tutorial.


I’m asking for a product that exist but the chatbot can’t find it

We use Shopify Search API to find products in your store. If the product exists, but the chatbot can’t find it, it’s likely that the search settings in your store are not set up correctly.

Try going to your store website and searching for the same product. If it also doesn't provide satisfactory results, you should consider adding synonyms to the product title, via the Search & Discovery app.

Shopify Search & Discovery search settings

Refer to this guide on how to add synonyms to your products: Shopify Help Center: Modifying search.

If the search settings are set up correctly, but the chatbot still can’t find the product, please contact us.

In order for the links to work, your store must not be a password-protected or a development store. If it is, the chatbot will not be able to access product URLs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the tool use live data, or do I need to update it manually?

There is no need to update the data manually. The tool uses live data from your Shopify store. While some changes might take a few minutes to propagate, the chatbot will always provide the most up-to-date information.

How can I provide back in stock date information to my customers?

You can add a custom metafield to your products in Shopify. The chatbot will be able to access that data automatically and provide it to your customers. See Custom metadata section for more information.