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Live Chat Integrations

Seamlessly handover from Algomo AI to your customer support team in your live chat platform of choice.

How it works

You can use the best part of Algomo – its AI capabilities – to automate standard customer service queries and frequently asked questions.

In cases when the AI is not able to help, it can transfer your customers to your support agents, by transitioning users from Algomo widget to your live chat widget.

It will collect customer contact details, generate a summary of the conversation so far and link back to the Algomo conversation in your live chat platform. This will help your customer service agents get up to speed quickly.


  1. Navigate to Widgets on Algomo.
  2. Select a widget and click on "Live Chat Integrations" tab.
  3. Enable live chat integration and select your platform.
  4. Install the Algomo widget on your website (see Installation).
  5. Make sure to have your live chat widget also installed on your website.

Once installed, we will manage both widgets for you.

Supported platforms

  • Intercom
  • (coming soon)
  • Crisp Chat (coming soon)
  • Zendesk (coming soon)
  • Tidio (coming soon)
  • LiveChat (coming soon)

The platfrom you are using isn't available?