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Step 1: Log into your Drupal website

Access your website's admin panel by entering your credentials.

Step 2: Navigate to Structure

Find and click on the "Structure" option in the main menu.

Step 3: Select Blocks

In the Structure menu, you will find an option called "Blocks". Click on this.

Step 4: Add a new block

On the Blocks page, there should be a link or button to "Add block". Click on this to create a new block.

Step 5: Enter your chat widget code

In the block configuration, there will be a text box for block content. This is where you can add your chat widget code. Make sure to select the "Full HTML" or "Raw HTML" text format to ensure that your code is not modified or filtered by Drupal.

Step 6: Configure the block visibility

In the same block configuration, there will be settings for where and when this block should appear on your site. You can configure these settings to ensure the chat widget appears on all pages, only on certain pages, or only for certain users, etc.

Step 7: Save your block

Once you've entered your code and configured the block settings, you can save your block. The chat widget should now appear on your website according to the visibility settings you configured.