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Step 1

Log in to your GoDaddy account

Then click the My Products under the account user dropdown option at the top

Under the "All Products and Services" section, you can see the "Websites" section. Click Manage under your websites


Step 2: Add Website

Then Click Add Website or sometimes it will be Edit Website in the Website Builder and start editing


Step 3: Add Section

Now Click the PAGE section and select the page you want to add the Algomo live chat and then select the Add Section


Step 4: Choose "HTML" and click "Add" button


Step 5: Add livechat script

Now, paste your Algomo live chat code snippet in the Custom Code field

After pasting the "Custom Code" field, you can specify a height for the chat widget iframe in the "Forced Height" section. Now, click Done at the top of the website builder panel


Click Preview or Publish at the top of the panel, you can now view the Algomo live chat widget on your GoDaddy website