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Algomo offers seamless integrations with various third-party applications to enhance your workflow and productivity. This documentation serves as a comprehensive guide to effortlessly integrate Algomo with Hubspot, ensuring you can set it up within a matter of minutes.

Why Integrate Algomo with Hubspot?

Integrating Algomo with Hubspot unlocks a world of benefits, enabling you to streamline your communication and stay on top of important events within Algomo. Here's why you should consider integrating these two powerful platforms:

  • Track leads

    Algomo can automatically create a new contact in Hubspot whenever the contact details form is filled in the widget. This feature ensures that you can track leads and manage them effectively.

  • Track Conversions

    Algomo can automatically track when customers install their widget on their website. This feature enables you to track conversions and measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.



  • You need to be an admin of the Hubspot workspace to authorise Algomo.

Integration setup

Go to Algomo > Integrations > Hubspot Integration to connect your Hubspot account to Algomo.

You will be redirected to Hubspot to authorise Algomo to access your Hubspot workspace with the permissions. Click on Connect app to authorise Algomo.

Once you're done, you will be redirected to Algomo. That's all you need to do on the Algomo side. Now, let's test the integration.

Test the integration

To test the integration is working. Open the widget on your website and fill in the contact details form. You should see a new contact created in Hubspot. If you don't see a new contact created, please contact us here and we'll be happy to help.